HB NOLA May 15 thru 18, 2015

Thank You Customers!  It was a pleasure

meeting new people.  We will see you

again in August - booth number not yet

assigned, but we will keep you posted!

Thank You Buyers!   


     UPCOMING 2015 SHOWS:  

 * HB NOLA August 14-17       Booth #809 Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA *Hawaii Market Merchandise Expo  September 18, 19, 20 2015 

* Transworld JFA Rosemont October 15, 16, 17, 18, 2015 Booth #1320


North American June 6-8

Corpus Christi TX

Thank You Buyers!  

HB NOLA May 16 thru 19, 2014

Second Liners! 

What a treat for us to see and experience!  Fun show, we love your grits recipes and patronage of course.

Thank You Buyers!   SEE YOU IN AUGUST!!!


PM Trade Shows 2015


JFA Rosemont July 17 thru 20, 2014

You ladies make it FUN!  

One night after the show, we went across the street to Gibsons to share a dessert.  Needless to say there were 5 of us and we could NOT finish this ice cream cake!

Thank You Buyers!

See you October

Booth #628   

McAllen TX July 25 thru 27, 2014

Lots of MEDIA attention due to the border issues, but everything in McAllen  as usual.  We ate at

Cheddars for the first time and were at the

Convention Center with Pokémon Enthusiasts!

Thank You Buyers!  


Biloxi Wholesale August 2 thru 4, 2014

First time in BILOXI!

Nice seeing the home of Jefferson Davis,

beautiful colonials.

Thank You Buyers!  

Norton Gatlinburg

September 6 thru 8, 2014

Now we know why the Davy Crockett song

states TN is the greenest state!

We tried DICK's and loved the abuse,


Thank You Buyers!   

JFA Rosemont July 16 thru 19, 2015

Thank You Customers!  It was a pleasure

meeting new people and seeing repeat Bee Backs!  We will see you in October - same booth location #1320. 

Expect to see more goods - we won't run out this time!  Come see our new colors and prints :)

Thank You Buyers!   

JFA Rosemont April 24-27, 2014: 

Thank You Buyers for a warm welcome for our

first show!  SEE YOU IN JULY!!!


HB NOLA August 15 thru 18, 2014

Now we know about dat Boudreaux and dat Thibodeaux.  Not a whole lot, but still learning more and more.  

Bien, until da next time,

Thank You Friens!   See you in November

​Booth #809