Today, Thai silk is made from traditional hand operated looms and is unique because it cannot be produced commercially.  The lustre of THAI Silk is unique also because of the two blends - the warp (lengthwise) and the weft (left to right).  This can be seen when holding the fabric at different angles and with different lighting - the colors move and change!

Notice the buttons; they are replicas of ancient Thai coins.

The silk threads are fine, so several threads are combined by hand to create a thicker thread.  The majority of all silk threads are still reeled by hand today.

The Chinese and Indians introduced silk to Thailand, and as early as 3000 years ago, the Thai have been looming silk by hand.  Hand looming is a tedious process, and Thai Silk was limited in production and used only by the Royal Court.  Royalty continued to buy silk from china as well.



Hand Loomed or Hand Woven

Top Quality 100% Spun Herringbone SILK - WASHABLE!

Our silk is constructed with such details as turned seams, top stitching, bra strap holders on tank top shoulders, genuine mother of pearl buttons... no surged seams! 

Tiger Silk: Each jacket is hand crafted and takes 2-3 months to produce each piece of art.

ENJOY your Thai Silk Garment for many years!